Setting New Standards For Primary Care.

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Who Are We?

WE are Board Certified American Trained Internists

WE are proud to be an independent privately owned patient-focused private practice

WE are focused on management of chronic diseases and early detection and prevention of potentially curable diseases.

WE deliver comprehensive services with radiology and lab on site

WE offer private contracting/hybrid concierge services

WE schedule longer appointments with quicker access

WE DO NOT charge facility fees - another benefit of owning our own practice

WE have a far lower hospitalization rate than the National Average

WE will exceed your expectations for primary care

Setting New Standards for Primary Care

Founded in 1998, Internal Medicine of Southwest Florida is an independent physician owned primary care practice located in Fort Myers, Florida. Most of our internists are board certified and all are American trained.

The goal of our medical group is to provide comprehensive primary and preventative care to our patients in a practice environment created to foster highly personalized, accessible and attentive care.

The focus of our practice is on management of chronic diseases and the early detection and prevention of potentially curable diseases. We treat all adults, but our practice is predominantly comprised of patients 50 years of age and older.

In contrast to many medical practices, we provide longer appointments than the current norm and we allow space in our schedules for the acutely ill. As a result, we send fewer patients to the hospital thus our hospitalization rates are far below the Florida national average.

Another benefit to our comprehensive practice is our "one stop shopping" where we offer a full array of radiology, diagnostic, dietary and lab services under one roof. And to create a more personalized environment for our patients, each physician has their own private suite and waiting room where you are treated more like a person than a number.

For those people seeking "concierge" type medicine, we also offer a range of private contracting services not covered under Medicare or other insurance. These contracts are voluntary options for our patients and are considered a concierge-hybrid model. For more information, please refer to the "Private Contract/Concierge" tab.

We have worked diligently to create a unique practice that goes against the trend of current medicine. We have successfully established a patient-centered practice where you will feel at "home" when you walk through our doors. Make an appointment and see for yourself!

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