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Electronic Records

Internal Medicine of Southwest Florida was a pioneer in electronic records for Lee County. To our knowledge, we were the first group to decide to embrace this technology back in approximately 1996.

We have used the same system since that time. It was originally known as Medical Logic and after 2 corporate exchanges is presently owned by GE. It is now called Centricity. This system is a very robust record system that allows us to document all phone contacts and office visits. Patients who have labs performed at our lab have their data automatically placed in their chart for the clinician to readily review. We now are able to import nearly all outside records and attach the information to your chart.

Our hospitalists have the ability to read your record from an outside computer (using special secure, sign-on procedures) to facilitate your care if you end up in the hospital.

We are able to track all prior medications, all current medications as well as your allergy history. We back up patient data nightly and physically move data storage off site a minimum of once a week. We can rapidly create a list of patients on any particular medication in the event of a drug recall (and have used this capability more than once).

Online Patient Access

Internal Medicine of Southwest Florida is proud to offer state of the art online patient access.



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