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Dr. Gesiotto Private Contract Services

Dr. Gesiotto is accepting new private contracting patients at this time. Please call the office for detailed information on his plans

Dr. Simons Private Contract Services

Dr. Simons is accepting new private contracting patients at this time. Please call the office for detailed information on his plans.

Delivering premier quality healthcare has become extremely difficult in today's healthcare environment. Payments from Medicare and insurance companies have not changed significantly since 1997. During these same years, the cost of operating a medical practice has escalated nearly 35%. Even with declining reimbursement over the last 18 years, I have continued striving to provide an exceptional level of care.

With many patients asking for access to special services such as hospital visits, extra long office appointments, and detailed yearly appointments I had to look for a way to provide the exceptional care I want to deliver and patients expect. To offer these services and continue practicing in the same personalized way I have for over 30 years, I began offering private contracting plans to my patients on January 1, 2011.

In my fourth year since I launched the private contracting plan program, these plans have been well received and extremely satisfying both for my patients and for me.

One of my Plan A patients said it best: This is my third year that I have been a Plan A patient of Dr. Henricks. It has been the best choice that I could have made for my personal health care. In this hectic world of medicine, you are not just a number waiting in his office but an important 
person who needs his care. No waiting hours to see him. I have had excellent care and appreciate his following up on important issues. I have recommended him to several of my friends and they have been very satisfied with his care.

I want to emphasize that my goal is to continue providing medical care that is both personal and extremely high quality. My hope is that the changes I've outlined will allow me to sustain this level of care into the future. If you have questions about these plans please call my office. If my staff cannot answer your questions I will be happy to discuss these proposals with you. On the following pages you will find three separate contract options. Please read this information carefully to review your options and select the plan which suits you best.

Plan A - (limited patients) $1500.00 Annually

  • Hospital Visits: Dr. Henricks will make hospital visits if you are admitted to Lee Memorial, Gulf Coast or Health Park Hospital. Dr. Henricks will coordinate your care with the hospital-based physicians and consultants. Your family will be updated on your condition. Dr. Henricks will not be your official attending physician and will not bill Medicare for these hospital visits but will act as an advocate for you during your hospitalization. Please note that in Dr. Henricks absence, a colleague will cover this service
  • Prompt Office Visits: Urgent appointments will be guaranteed within 24 hours Monday through Friday. Non-urgent appointments will be available within five business days. All appointments will be 30 minute and longer times will be available upon request. Dr. Henricks will personally contact consultants when a referral is made so your appointment can be made as rapidly as possible and without additional unnecessary testing.
  • Extended Annual Exam: You will have a 90 minute annual examination. At this time, all of your medical problems and medications will be reviewed along with lab work and other testing. A complete physical will be done. Results will be provided to you in written or electronic format.
  • Unlimited Free E (electronic) Visits: These are office visits conducted by e-mail about problems that are not emergencies. There is normally a charge for each e-visit. A wide variety of non-complex problems can be discussed through e-mail avoiding an office visit.
  • Additional benefits: Benefits described in Plans B and C are also included.

Plan B - $750.00 Annually

  • Longer Appointments: Office visits longer than 15 minutes will be available at your request at the time you schedule the appointment.
  • Exclusive Physician Appointments: All your visits will be with Dr. Henricks unless our nurse practitioner is acceptable to you.
  • Direct Phone Access: A special phone number will be available to you for immediate access during normal business hours and to reach Dr. Henricks after hours.
  • E (electronic)-Visits: Two free E-visits.
  • Specialists: Dr. Henricks will call your northern doctor to discuss your care in spring or as needed during the winter and coordinate transfer of all records.
  • Visits for Visitors: We will arrange visits in our office for visiting friends and family.
  • Additional Benefits: All of the benefits described in Plan C.

Plan C - $350.00 Annually

  • Physician Visits: The majority of your office visits will be with the physician.
  • Waived Itemized Fees: There will be no additional charges for the items listed below. This will include preauthorization of tests and medications, insurance company requests for information or if you desire copies of your medical record for your personal use.
  • Online Training: You can receive personalized training for our online services at your request.

Itemized Fees: Will be billed to you if you do not elect to participate on one of the three plan options

  • $20 for simple paperwork.
  • $35 for complex paperwork which includes a chart review and requires greater that 30 minutes of staff time.
  • $35 for phone calls to insurance companies and pharmacy benefit plans with an added charge of for long calls.
  • $20 for phone calls requesting medical information or treatment.
  • $50 for time intensive calls requiring 30 minutes or more of staff time.
  • $1.00 per page for the first 25 pages then .25 for each additional page of medical records for personal use

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