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Jack C. | WWIIVet and Resident of Fort Myers, FI

I am almost 88 years old, and that is hard for me to believe! I attribute my longevity to Dr. Henricks. He has taken care of me since the late 1980's, but during the past 4 years of Enhanced Care, Plan A he has gone above and beyond what I expected. Biggest Surprise: During a minor emergency, I called his private cell, and he answered from his car driving home from vacation. Very reassuring! His cell number is always in my pocket.

Because of his medical expertise, I have not been hospitalized, but it is VERY re-assuring to know he will be there when that happens. I want someone there who personally knows me and my medical history.

Yes, the quickly booked, and longer appointments are a benefit to me, but that cellphone number, and hospital care are priceless. Thank you for this enhanced service Dr. Henricks. We'll be in this together to hit 90!

Helen and Jerry C.

My husband, Jerry, and I first met Dr. Henricks in 2007. We were impressed 
by his professionalism and that of his staff. Three years later when Dr. Henricks presented his tri-Ievel plan for improved 
medical care and service, we decided to go with the A level. We have been very 

This year when I had my knee replaced, Dr. Henricks visited me twice while I 
was in a rehab facility making sure that I was getting the proper attention. When 
I left rehab he secured my transfer to out patient treatment. His help with 
medications and health insurance stumbling blocks has been invaluable.

Our yearly physicals are thorough and extensive.

Omah D.

This is my third year that I have been a Plan A patient of Dr. Henricks. It has been the best choice that I could have made for 
my personal health care. In this hectic world of medicine, you are not just a number waiting in his office but an important 
person who needs his care. No waiting hours to see him. I have had excellent care and appreciate his following up on 
important issues.

I have recommended him to several of my friends and they have been very satisfied with his care.

Evelyn G.

I am Evelyn Greenspan, 94 YEAR OLD WOMAN, who has been lucky enough to be 
Dr. Henricks patient since 1994. My husband and I came down To Ft Myers in that year and Dr. HENRICKS took us valiantly thru his last days with caring concern.

Naturally at my age I have my share of problems-but even when I am traveling to visit my sons, I 
know I can (and have done) reached the good doctor for help and guidance on all my travels.

I bless him and his great staff for their constant care and my medical

Arlene K.

You have given my family and me the satisfaction of knowing my health and welfare are a important concern!

The compassion and response to my well-being are testimony to the high professional and ethical standards of their peers.

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